Product properties
Manufactured and pre-conditioned close to users working environment. Pre-conditioning with ph-balanced inter-leaving paper. High dimensional stability.Improved ageing characteristics, therefore lowest possible D-min. High and safe UV-density(D-max) for high power UV-lamps. Good resistance to film cleaners, monomers and thinners of photoimageable liquid Soldermask.

Technical information
Densotrans range of films are visually transparent (amber-yellow-orange)and provide high UV-density>4.3(X-Rite 369) and a low D-min.<0.13 The nominal density just after development measured with a X-Rite 369 is approx. 4.5.After the first few exposures steps the density reading are>4.0.
Although all films are pre-conditioned it is highly recommended to stabilize material to ambient conditions for a minimum of 15 hours prior to exposure within the same working room conditions (Avoid exposure to UV-light and any chemical vapours such as ammonia).

Ensure contact of the photo master to DENSOTRANS® is emulsion to emulsion. Place and expose in a vacuum-frame with strong UV-light (Metal halide lamp) for approx. 40 seconds with a 5 kw light source with a distance of 80 cm. A Stouffer step-wedge can be used to determine the correct exposure time, basically step one should be burned out.
DENSOTRANS® is developed in a warm, dry diazo developing machine with concentrated ammonia (25%-resp.24 Baume).At approx. 80°Cwithin the developer chamber and 35-40°C on the film surface, The film can not be over developed, however we recommend at least two passes. After each pass the film should be turned 90 or 180°for complete consistency and safe development, Under-developing causes unstable and low density. To ensure utmost image accuracy before use allow one hour after processing,to for the film to re-adjust to the working conditions.
Dimensional stability
Effects of temperature change : 17X10-5mm/m/°C(PET base)
Effects of humidity change : 1.1x10-5mm/m/%rh(PET base)

Unexposed film can be stored in a conditioned environment and kept in its original packaging for approximately 12 months. High temperature and humidity may cause premature ageing.

All DENSTRNS®film complies in the tested parameters to the requirement of the ElekroG and is therefore in the tested parameters conforming to the EC-directive 2002/95/EC (RoHS-directive).

Our manufacturing process has been controlled by the strict and internationally approved quality management system ISO 9001:2000 since 1993.

Environmental Protection
Substantiall investment in emission purification has made Folex AG a leading advocate in environmental protection.